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      BOP, 18-3/4″, 5000 psi, Annular, Shaffer – hubbed – Unused

      Annular BOP, 18-3/4″ 5000 psi Shaffer Spherical BOP: 5K psi stud top x 5K Hub btm connection. Unused with current OEM Certification.

      Listing ID: UL 06851

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      Manufacturer:NOV – National Oilwell Varco
      Year of manufacture:1997
      Documentation Status:Available

      Top drive unit including pipe handler, dolly and power loop etc. suitable for offshore- or land drilling rigs.
      Working height: 245.5 inches (6.236 m) from top tool joint to bail. (Calculated using 108″ links)
      Guide dolly configuration, Rail Spacing: 43 x 66 In. HEB-280
      Rail loading while drilling: 34,000 ft.lbs
      Gear box: 5.30:1 gear ratio reduction
      Max. rpm: 225
      Max continuous torque: 45 kNm. (33,200 ft.lbs) at 150 rpm.
      Max. intermittent torque: tba.
      New El. motor type ABB HXR 450LM8 740 KW (AC) included. See UL 05498

      The top drive has been maintained as per OEM recommendations and subject to OEM 5-yearly overhauls, last time in 2006.

      Package of various spare parts is also available for sale. See list.

      Note: We can also offer this top drive unit for rental. A total pre-rental overhaul and certification will be performed. Please contact us for a quotation.

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      DRAWWORKS, WIRTH GH2800EG AC – Wirth GH 2800 EG , single drum, gear driven. 2 ea Siemens AC Motors rated 890 kW, Type 1SA2531-ONA03, ATEX, Good condition.

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      IRON ROUGHNECK, AKER M.H. MOD. 4160 – AS NEW, 1 each Maritime Hydraulics Iron Roughneck, Light Version Model MH 4160. With remote control. In Very Good Condition.

    • red Catwalk Machine Aker Maritime Hydraulics Conveyor

      CATWALK MACHINE: Aker Maritime Hydraulics – Conveyor

      Horizontal Riser and Pipe handling machine, Pipe Conveyor, handles tubulars up to 14” OD (flange), 15 m length and 1.9 Te weight. Listing ID: UL-05952