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Oil and Gas Equipment for Sale

Quipsearch is an oil field equipment supplier and offers oil and gas equipment for sale. Downhole Tools, Drill Pipe, Casing Tubulars, Well Control and BOPs, Handling Tools, Elevators, Tongs, Hoist and Rotating Equipment. Our knowledge of the trade equipment ensures you will receive the correctly certified tools, on time. Tell us what you need or check our product pages. Just click on any “CONTACT US” link on any page to select an item for quotation. Alternatively “EMAIL US” at info@quipsearch.com with your RFQ including a description and we’ll respond promptly.
With over 60 years combined experience as one of the most trusted oil field equipment suppliers, we understand your deadlines.
We deliver the right equipment to the right place at the right time, or you can use your own shippers. 
Quipsearch is one of the proven oilfield supply traders in international deliveries for both new and some full refurbished used oilfield equipment for drill rigs, both land and offshore, tools and equipment, effectively sourcing and delivering oil field equipment to customers in all areas of the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, as well as in the rapidly developing markets in Africa. Our offering includes oil and gas equipment  and tools procurement, sales and distribution. We supply Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), oilfield equipment and downhole tools. Our sales experience and extensive sourcing network offer our customers and affiliates a unique procurement channel for oilfield tools. We will supply high quality, certified equipment at great prices that fulfil your delivery and usage deadlines. We will supply all items that make up a successful oilfield drilling operation:
Quipsearch is an obtains high-quality, correctly certified drilling rig tools and equipment, from around the world and offer it for sale online. Our easy to use search engine provide you with full tool specifications and all the information you need to make quick, accurate and productive decisions while you search for the best quality drilling tools. Our one click email secure messaging service means your request for quote (RFQ) will be answered within 24 hours so you will receive a quote or confirmation that the item or items are no longer available. We do not ask you to fill out unnecessary details before preparing your quotation. We also have an Oil and Gas News blog to keep you up to date with developments in the drilling business.

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Quipsearch will supply certified pipe of all sizes for any well profile. Our complete pipe range includes corrosion-resistant and high strength steel grades for challenging environments.The pipe we supply has been through comprehensive quality checks ensuring every joint exceeds API quality standards, resulting in top performance and exceptional durability. Every joint is machined from high quality materials that ensure predictable performance and exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances. We offer pipe from E-75 to S-135 grades, in accordance with API Specification 5D and API Specification 7.All our pipe is manufactured in an integrated production process where pipe bodies and tool joints are assembled through friction welding. We work in partnership with our customers to create pipe to meet their specific needs. All of our tool joints exceed API requirements and all threading is performed in accordance with API Spec 7-2.Tool joint markings are applied to API RP7G specifications or to meet customer requirements. Hard-banding and internal plastic coating options are also available upon request.
We also have some used oilfield equipment for sale, all fully reconditioned, tested and meeting API specifications.

Drill Collars

Quipsearch supplied drill collars are made from AISI 4145H alloy steel. They are quenched and tempered to obtain mechanical properties as specified by API Spec 7-1. Full mechanical and chemical mill test certifications are supplied with all drill collars.


Drill collars are supplied as slick or spiralled, generally in Range 1, 2 or 3 lengths. All Drill Collar connections are precision-machined to API Spec 7-2 requirements.  API relief groove pin and bore-back box stress relief are available on request. All connections are phosphate coated to minimize galling during makeup and thread storage compound is applied. Shock-resistant steel thread protectors are installed to ensure adequate joint protection during shipment.


Slip and elevator recesses can be added to our drill collars to improve handling efficiency and safety. Unless otherwise specified, slip and elevator recesses are machined in compliance with the latest API RP7G edition guidelines and can be provided together or separately.


Quipsearch supplied drill collars are available with the following features:

  • Slick or spiral
  • Mechanical properties guaranteed to 1″ below the steel’s surface at ambient temperature
  • Phosphate-coated threads to prevent galling
  • Slip or elevator recesses, or both
  • API stress-relief and bore-back hard-banding and internal plastic coating upon request

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

Quipsearch offers HWDP over a wide variety of sizes including pipe bodies from 2 7/8″ to 6 5/8″. Our HWDP has a central upset with 2 bands of hard-banding material which reduces drag and wear. The central upset is available in slick, spiral, full spiral, or tri-spiral designs. Pipe bodies and tool joints are assembled through friction welding as part of an integrated production process. Every joint is manufactured from specific steel alloys ensuring predictable performance and tight tolerances.


HWDP provides a gradual transition between drill pipe and drill collars. The HWDP’s main function is to provide extra WOB (weigh on bit) helping with directional control of the BHA in complex wells. It also reduces drill string fatigue in horizontal and ERD wells. HWDP mitigates differential sticking and can provide additional weight for milling, under-reaming, and hole-opening operations.