Drilling News – NOV Pans for Manless Rigfloors

In recent drilling news, NOV highlighted the potential for automation to improve rig-site safety and recently removed the driller’s cabin from the rig floor of its test rig in Navasota, Texas, and installed it on the ground next to the rig.

The company says the move is a step toward realizing its vision for a manless rig floor, where automation and robotics systems can be leveraged to move the driller and crews farther away from potentially hazardous situations on the rig floor. In comments made by Chuck Wright, R&D Strategy Manager, and Caleb Malnar, Test Tech Supervisor, at the test rig in mid-April, they spoke about how moving the driller’s cabin fits in with NOV’s vision for the rig of the future.

They also spoke about ongoing work to test the potential impact of the cabin’s relocation on the day-to-day work of the drillers and rig crews.

Oil and Gas News – 18 May 2023